Core Values of our school

Humility, Love, Inclusivity, Compassion, Service, Integrity The foundations of our school are rooted in various traditions from the Christian faith. This foundation has led us to a set of core values we seek to model in our school. Regardless of your faith status or denomination, we hope you can agree that these are qualities we all seek to see in our families as well as in our larger communities.


We do not consider ourselves better than others. We’re humans that make mistakes, will require forgiveness, and need grace.


We are to love each other. There isn't an asterisk on here because there aren't categories of unloveable or more loveable. Our words and our actions should reflect love for others. We will fail and need to apologize, but we strive to make this our goal.


We welcome everyone who is willing to join us on this journey to educate our kids. This includes people of all races, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, immigrants, those of other faiths, and those who have been marginalized. We reject racist or nationalistic ideologies as inconsistent with a strong community.


We seek to show compassion to others in our words and actions. This means treating others with dignity, kindness, and empathy. It also means caring about the things that negatively affect others, even if they don’t have the same effect on us.


We encourage our students and families to use their time, passions, and abilities to serve their community.


We believe that personal integrity creates a more open, honest, and supportive community. Integrity literally means to be whole and not have divided hearts and motives. We are the same person in private as we are in public. Sometimes this means we are messy, or not polished, or need to admit we were wrong. As a community, we should mean what we say and then follow through with those words in our actions.

Other Questions

Why don't you have a statement of faith?

We are not a church, and our leaders are not ordained pastors. We're a group of parents that want to educate our kids together. We are happy to include everyone who can embrace our core values without leaning into unnecessary divisions.

I'm not a Christian, am I welcome?

Absolutely. We welcome all and do not require a statement of faith. We have enrolled families with a wide range of beliefs & backgrounds.

Is there religious content in classes?

Religious content is up to the teacher. Some classes are entirely neutral in position. Others will use a religious publisher as a text or include Christian scripture in a class. Please ask the teacher directly for clarification. No matter what, your beliefs should be treated with respect by the teacher.

Do we have to teach Bible or anything like that with FACE?

No. We do require 1 credit of religion & philosophy to graduate. There are plenty of ways to satisfy this requirement that have nothing to do with any specific religious persuasion. Ask us if you need ideas.