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What to Expect at our Friday Campus

Friday is our in person class day in Westminster.  We are not a drop-off program.  Here's what to expect for both parents and students.

For Students

  • Class sizes range from 5 - 15 students. 

  • Parents are always welcome to stay in class if a student is more comfortable. 

  • Textbooks or specific supplies will be on your class schedule and can also be found in the course description.

  • Students not in classes wait with their parents.  Many bring crafts, games, and homework to keep busy.

For Parents

  • We have several areas to wait.  Homeschooling can be isolating.   This is a great way to form relationships and make some new friends. 

  • Wifi is available.

  • A nursery with toys is available for parents with young children.  

  • We have quiet spaces for those who need to work or take calls.

  • There is a bake & brew for coffee, snacks, and lunch.

Extra Curriculars for 2023 - 2024

Student Council
Parent Connection Crew
Mom's night out

Christmas Party

Park Days
Group hikes
Field Trips
Chess Club


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