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Request a Transcript

Are you a FACE graduate, or current high school student & looking for your transcript?

Did you graduate this year and need your final transcript and diploma?

Fill out the form below to request either an official or unofficial transcript.

Please note that Transcript Requests take 10 business days to complete.

During senior year up to August 31st after graduation we will send transcripts to the college or career programs you apply to free of charge.  

After August of your graduation year the following fees apply



Complete Transcript for your personal records

Sent to you via email. These come watermarked as unofficial but include all the same records and information.


Official E-Transcript

Signed and unwatermarked.

These are emailed directly from our school to where you are applying.



Official Mailed

Signed and sealed these are ONLY mailed directly from us to where you are applying.



Expedited requests are a 3-4 business day lead time and cost $100

**Please note: Education institutions require an Official mailed transcript for credit verification.  Please verify whether they need this mailed or emailed**

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