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Young Ameritowne


Grade levels: 3rd - 6th 

Hour: 5th 

Teacher:  Beth House 

Teacher Contact Info: 

Google Classroom Used:  Yes

Approximate Weekly Homework: 0 - 1

Monthly Cost:  $28

One Time Supply Fee: TBD 

Supply Fee Covers: See description 

Prerequisites:  Basic Math and Writing skills 

Materials Required:  See description 

Class Description:  

The Young AmeriTowne curriculum is designed to teach children about the free enterprise system through a variety of lessons and activities which include: 

Basic Economics: Students get an overview of the free enterprise system learning about supply and demand, consumers and producers and the economic process. Banking: A basic overview of the banking process in which students will learn about and experience the use of a checking account they will use during their day in Towne. Money Management: Concepts such as budgeting, investing and the importance of savings are discussed. 

Government: Students learn how our government works by developing laws, campaigning and participating in primary and general elections. 

Communications: Students learn the real life skills of filling out job applications and going through job interviews to be hired for their positions in Towne. Philanthropy: Lessons on caring for your community and giving back to those in need are discussed so that each person becomes a vital link in making their community a better place. 

Business Preparation: Businesses conduct staff meetings, prepare their businesses to open and have job-training sessions. 

Closing Activities: Back at school, lessons on determining profitability for your business, balancing your account with the bank, business evaluations and Employee of the Day awards are completed to complete the program. 

Each student receives: 

Up to 30 hours of in-class lessons and a workbook 

Personal check register 

Personal debit card 

Day at Young AmeriTowne where their group runs their own towne of nine businesses 

Young Ameritowne

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