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Writing and Illustrating Children's Books


Grade levels: 7th - 12th

Hour: 4th 

Teacher:  Mary Hernandez 

Teacher Contact Info:  (303) 910-4904 or 

Google Classroom Used: No

Approximate Weekly Homework: 0-2

High School Credit: Optional Half

Monthly Cost:  $30

One Time Supply Fee: $25/semester

Supply Fee Covers: supplies, hard bound book, soft bound book 

Prerequisites:  Students must know how to read and write well 

Materials Required: pencils, notebook  

Class Description:  

We will learn how to write and illustrate children's book from beginning to end.  Everything a future author may need to know. 

1st semester: Learn all the steps on how to get published including, finding an agent, writing a cover letter, looking for a publisher. We will be illustrating a hard back book that already has story. 

We will be learning about different types of art used in children's books. We will do some writing. We can also write a story or two for next semester for the book. You never know, it may be good enough to send to publisher. 

The second semester: We will be working on a soft cover book from beginning to end writing the story and illustrating. Learn new art forms, writing different types of books, such as: rhyming, fiction, non fiction, drama, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, action, classic, poetry, etc.

Writing and Illustrating Children's Books

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