Tiny Tumblers-Mommy and Me

Class is appropriate for grades:  PreK - 2nd grades, and MOMMY


Time:  Friday, 8:30am - 8:55am

Teacher:  Eden Benedict 

Virtual Location:  TBD

Prerequisites: None

Class Description:

The weekly 25 minute class will cover both Tumbling and Balancing elements of cheerleading/gymnastics taught in a fun and silly atmosphere. Parent participation is REQUIRED.

Each student will get their wiggles out by doing a fun warm-up and stretching then they will learn tumbling and balancing skills. Basic skills include:  rolls, donkey kicks, headstands, handstands, bridges, cartwheels, round office, and kickovers.

Parents will be taught how to safely spot their child throughout the various skills.

*A mat is HIGHLY recommended.  you will need space to move around (inside or outside).  An area at least 4x6 ft where nothing will get knocked over or broken is recommended.

INSIDE:  If you do not have a mat, then a carpeted area is a must.

OUTSIDE:  A flat grassy area with a blanket, or mat, placed on the grass.

Materials to be supplied by the student:

A mat is HIGHLY recommended, see notes for Inside & Outside, in description.

Painter's tape

Stuffed animal

Flexible tighter fit clothes/workout wear

One-time fee for this class (in addition to monthly class fee):  N/A

The one-time fee is for:  N/A

Approximate hours of homework per week:  None

Tiny Tumblers-Mommy and Me

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