Class is appropriate for grades:  9th – 12th grades

Hour:  4th hour (12:00 – 12:55)

Teacher:  Niki Nowell

Room Number:  Meeting Room

Prerequisites:  None

Class Description:

The Scoop is a journalism class for mature high school students interested in sharpening their critical thinking and writing skills. In addition to weekly lessons and homework, students will be working together to create and publish a monthly newsletter – both print and electronic editions. 

The key to good journalism is asking questions and assessing the world around us with a discerning mind, and the discipline of journalism provides opportunities to practice personal skills that prepare students to be active and critical participants in the world around them. Students will learn and practice patience, study habits, critical thinking, working as a team, and the importance of deadlines. They will be reinforcing language and writing skills, interviewing and researching for articles, creating interesting content, learning the basics of visual layout for publication, and more. 

This class will boost confidence and students will experience the empowerment of seeing their name in print as they produce a publication that will be read by students, teachers, and all of our FACE families. 

** 9th – 12th grade students may receive a FULL credit upon completion of course **   

Materials to be supplied by the student:

3-ring binder, paper, pen, highlighter, calendar or student planner,

1 ream of all-purpose copy/printer paper. 

One-time fee, due directly to the teacher.

One-time fee for this class (in addition to monthly class fee):


The one-time fee is for:

The student magazine subscription (produced by Scholastic) we will be using as part of our curriculum.

Approximate hours of homework per week: 5 hours 


The Scoop

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