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The Coolest & Creepiest Animals in the World

Grade levels: K - 2

Hour: 2nd

Teacher: Stacey Hamlin

Teacher Contact Info:

Google Classroom Used: For parent communication

Approximate Weekly Homework: 0

Monthly Cost: $29

One Time Supply Fee: $25

Supply Fee Covers: Copies and supplies

Prerequisites: None

Materials Required: None

Class Description:

The diversity within the animal kingdom is astounding. In this class we will dive into this world by exploring a few interesting, creepy, cool, and sometimes downright GROSS animals each week.


As we learn about these animals, we will also learn about the countries and habitats where they live.


Each week there will be a packet of information about what we learned this week, what we will learn next week, and a little bit of homework to help your student begin to study more on their own. We will also have a game called Kahoot! available in our Google Classroom to allow your students a fun and semi-competitive way to review the material.

The Coolest & Creepiest Animals in the World

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