Speech & Public Speaking

Class is appropriate for grades:   9th – 12th grades


Timer:  11:10am-12:05pm 

Teacher:  Regina Etter 

Virtual Location:  TBD 

Prerequisites:  None

Class Description:

Students will learn to write organized thoughts and deliver thoughts in a public setting.  Speeches will cover informational, persuasive, demonstrative, entertainment, and more.  Students will also learn how to defend their arguments through class debates.  Fun learning activities like creating commercials, Shakespearean roles, 20 questions, and writing a dialogue based on miscommunication, help re-enforce the lessons and teach the necessity of good communication skills.

Most students would do anything to get out of speaking in public, but it is a necessary life skill that is needed all through life.  The ability to organize thoughts into words will help students when seeking employment, standing up for justice, or just communicating their thoughts.

Students will gather, safely social-distanced, two times per semester for in-person presentations.  Locations will be determined as needed.

Syllabus and grades will be posted via the school online gradebook, student, and parent, will need to access this regularly.

** 9th – 12th grade students may receive half or full credit depending on parent choice, upon completion of the course. **

Materials to be supplied by the student:

3-ring binder with paper, notebook, notecards 

One-time fee for this class (in addition to monthly class fee):  N/A

The one-time fee is for:  N/A

Approximate hours of homework per week:  3-4

Speech & Public Speaking

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