Physical Science & Lab (8th - 12th)

Physical Science with Lab - For Credit Course

Age Appropriate for: Mature 8th - 12th

Hour: 3rd

Teacher: Cristal Sims

Cost: $29

One time fee: $25 for lab supplies

Prerequisites:.Grade level reading, writing and math skills

Homework: 4-5 hours/wk


Student Supplied Materials: Exploring Creating with Physical Science, 2nd edition, Dr. Jay L. Wile. AND the Student Notebook, Solutions & Test Booklet, Basic calculator, Pencil


Description: This course is the last one in the Apologia series to get students ready for high school Biology and beyond.  It begins with a detailed discussion of the world around and what makes it work.Topics include:  air, the atmosphere, water, hydrosphere, weather, motion, and Newton’s Law. Each module will be covered every 2 weeks with a take home test after each.  Friday classes will mainly focus on experiments and highlights of the module.Students will be expected to have the reading and any homework done before each class so they will be able to participate.

Physical Science & Lab (8th - 12th)

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