Run With the Wind - Tenderfeet

Class is appropriate for grades:  PreK - 3rd grade


Time: Friday, 9:05am-9:30am

Teacher:  Eden Benedict

Virtual Location:  TBD

Prerequisites:  None

Class Description:

The weekly class will engage your child and aim to improve their endurance, fitness level and speed!  Each week our running group will meet virtually (~20-25 minutes) to play fun movement and running games.  Then each student will be assigned specific running and conditioning assignments to work on for the week.  Most of the assignments will center around increasing endurance and fitness levels in a fun way.

Starting in October we will have weekly "Meets" where each child will have the option to compete against their previous best time/distance. Or they can opt into a competition with friends and also compete against them.

All runs and meets will be done solely and tracked via a fitness app (with parental assitance) to guage distance and time.

All ages and abilities welcome!  Distances range from less than a mile to 5k's (for those that are ready).

*You will need space to move around (inside or outside). An area at least 4x12 ft where nothing will get knocked over or broken is recommended.

Materials to be supplied by the student:   None

Approximate hours of homework per week:  Optional 1+ hours of running and conditioning assignments to work on for the week.


Run With the Wind - Tenderfeet

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