Class is appropriate for grades:  4th – 12th grades

Hour:  4th Hour (12:00-12:55)

Teacher:  Kim Mauritz

Room Number:  207

Prerequisites:  Basic writing skills for notebooks.

Class Description:

We will learn to observe, record and create with nature themes, literature & poetry, and nature walks.  Using our nature notebooks to record our observations and creations as well as create larger projects all inspired by nature.

Students can approach nature studies as an artist, a scientist/naturalist, a detective-scientist, or all of the above, which we will do in class! 

Books used in class include:  Burgess books, Joyce Sidman books, Bible, and Handbook of Nature, selections from C. S. Lewis, Anne of Green Gables, Secret Garden, Laura Ingalls Wilder and John Muir.  Along with poetry of Robert Frost, A. A. Milne, Emily Dickenson, an dRobert Louis Stevenson.

** 9th – 12th grade students may receive HALF credit upon completion of course – MUST let instructor know you are taking it for credit **

Materials to be supplied by the student:

Spiral sketchbook and colored pencils. 

One-time fee, due directly to the teacher.

One-time fee for this class (in addition to monthly class fee):  $20.00

The one-time fee is for:  Art supplies, copies, and special snacks.

Approximate hours of homework per week:  ½ - 1 hour, on occasion

Nature Connection

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