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Marine Biology

Grade levels:  6th - 10th

Hour: 3rd 

Teacher:  Megan Miller 

Teacher Contact Info: or (720)772-6303 

Google Classroom Used:  Yes

Approximate Weekly Homework: 1-4

High School Credit: Optional Full 

Monthly Cost:  $32

One Time Supply Fee: $20 

Supply Fee Covers: Copies and non-dissection lab supplies. 

Prerequisites:  Must be able to type a paragraph and be trusted with dissection tools and lab materials (ph indicator, etc.). Must be able to dissect a specimen without turning green. 

Materials Required:  

Marine Biology by Caine: 8th, 9th, 10th, or 11th edition 

Marine Biology Coloring book ISBN-13 : 978-0062737182 (Each student needs their own copy), Set of colored pencils and sharpener, notebook, and writing utensil, 

3 Dissection specimens - clam, perch, squid with a basic dissection kit including tools, gloves, and a tray. (You are welcome to use the disposable foam trays as long as the specimen fits on it.), Good and the Beautiful Marine Biology 7-8th grade Student manual (free download). 

Optional Julia Rothman “Ocean Anatomy” ISBN: 978-1635861600 

Class Description:  

Oceans cover just over 70% of the earth’s surface and are full of stunning diversity and fascinating life. We will investigate what the ocean’s zones are and who lives in each of these. This course will include weekly reading & homework assignments that must be done to have any idea what’s going on in class. The coloring book is actually a textbook you color in and will be heavily used. Assignments will be posted in Google classroom. Class time will largely be spent on labs, dissections, etc. A local marine biologist has agreed to come give a talk about her job and answer questions from students. Assigned projects will have 3 ways to fulfill the requirements: Creative, written, or presentation. For example when learning about the ocean’s zones a student could make a labelled model showing these zones, write a paper explaining the major ocean zones, or give a slides based presentation on major ocean zones. We will go over how to write a basic lab report. To meet the full high school credit requirements, additional reading and homework will be assigned covering topics in greater depth.

Marine Biology

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