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Littles GYM- games, yoga, movement

Grade levels:  K- 2nd

Hour: 3rd 

Teacher: Dani Baker & Meghan Caskey  

Teacher Contact Info: 

Google Classroom Used:  No

Approximate Weekly Homework: 0

Monthly Cost:  $29 

One Time Supply Fee: $20 

Supply Fee Covers: Equipment such as cones, bean bags, balls and team building activities.

Prerequisites:  None 

Materials Required:  Students will need tennis shoes, clothing that allows them to move freely and comfortably, and a water bottle. 

Class Description:  

This P.E. Style class gets kids moving while learning skills like teamwork, strategy and good sportsmanship. Kids will learn about energy, strength, motion and stillness through games, tumbling and yoga. We will learn these skills and so much more, as we race, play tag games, do obstacle courses and fitness challenges! This class will also cover the importance of stretching and improving balance, flexibility and coordination. All while having a blast! 


Littles GYM- games, yoga, movement

SKU: PE101
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