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Little’s Lego Club


Grade levels:  K - 2nd 

Hour: 5th 

Teacher:  Jessica Fink 

Teacher Contact Info: 

Google Classroom Used: No

Approximate Weekly Homework: 0

Monthly Cost:  $29

One Time Supply Fee: $20 

Supply Fee Covers: Prizes, print outs, and supplies 

Prerequisites:  None 

Materials Required:  Students will need their own Classic lego set, including a baseplate, and wheels.

Class Description:  

Every week students will complete the project of the day. We will build spaceships, houses, cars, boats, and other awesome designs. We will have monthly challenges for the kids to show off their skills. We will work on creativity, teamwork, time management, sportsmanship and engineering.

Little’s Lego Club

SKU: Art101
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