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Land Animals of the Sixth Day

Grade levels:  3rd - 6th 

Hour: 3rd 

Teacher:  Cristal Sims 

Teacher Contact Info: 

Google Classroom Used:  For Parents Only

Approximate Weekly Homework: 2 Hours

Monthly Cost:  $29

One Time Supply Fee: $20

Supply Fee Covers: supplies and copies

Prerequisites:  none 

Materials Required: Apologia- Land Animals of the Sixth Day: Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 book & Notebooking Journal or Junior Notebooking Journal (for younger students and/or students with limited writing skills)  

Class Description:  

We will take an adventure through jungles, deserts, forests, farms and even our own yards learning about land animals. Students will read the material at home, filling in their notebooks. Fridays will consist of going over highlights, sharing time, projects and experiments. Through Google classroom, I will let you know each week what we did in class and what to read for the next week. Hope to end the year with a trip to the zoo!  

Land Animals of the Sixth Day

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