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Kids Karate


Grade levels:  1st - 6th

Hour:  4th 

Teacher:  Scott Pedersen 

Teacher Contact Info: OR 303-650-5566  

Google Classroom Used:  No

Approximate Weekly Homework: 0

Monthly Cost:  $32 

One Time Supply Fee:  $35 for new students 

Supply Fee Covers:  Covers a karate uniform and belt (only needed if they don't already have one). note - this is a FACE special of 25% off of the regular price  

Prerequisites:  none 

Materials Required:  none 

Class Description:  

Kids Karate focuses on children’s safety and character development through fun drills, exercises and martial art related games! Students grow both physically (improving balance, coordination and fitness) and mentally (improving self confidence and demonstrating focus, discipline and respect for others). Also, in their self defense training, the children learn the difference between the right and wrong time to use their martial arts skills.

Kids Karate

SKU: PE102
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