The IOWA test can be administered to students grades K-12th, see below for details regarding test information for different grade levels.


IOWA Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)
The IOWA tests students, grades K-8th, in Reading (Levels 6-14), Language (Levels 5R-14), Math (Levels 5R-14), Vocabulary (Levels 5R-14), Spelling (Levels 7-14), Word Analysis (Levels K5-9), Listening (Levels K5-9), Social Studies (Levels 9-14), Science (Levels 9-14) and Sources of Information (Levels 7-14). The Sources of Information test for Levels 7-8 measure students’ abilities to use information resources and to judge their usefulness. At Levels 7 and 8, a single Sources of Information test assesses students’ skills in alphabetizing and in using picture dictionaries, tables of contents, and maps. All questions for those sections for Levels 7 and 8 are read aloud by the teacher. At Levels 9-14, there are two separate tests for Sources of Information: Maps and Diagrams and Reference Materials.


IOWA Test of Educational Development (ITED)
The ITED is the IOWA test for high school students. It tests students in Grades 9-12 in the areas of Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Language (Revising Written Materials), Spelling, Mathematics (Concepts and Problem Solving and Math Computation), Analysis of Social Studies Materials, Analysis of Science Materials and Sources of Information. The Sources of Information test evaluates students’ abilities to use important information sources. The skills a student needs in order to find and use data efficiently include familiarity with the resources of a well-equipped media center.


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