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What?! - Idea Investigators


Grade levels: 9th - 12th 

Hour: 1st 

Teacher:  Sandi Pedro 

Teacher Contact Info: 

Google Classroom Used:  yes

Approximate Weekly Homework: 3-5

High School Credit: Full 

Monthly Cost:  $29 

One Time Supply Fee: $10 

Supply Fee Covers: Misc materials throughout the year. 

Prerequisites:  None 

Materials Required:  Ability to research (internet, library, ect) 

Class Description:  

Having to look up information and explain it to others is a vital skill, but it doesn't have to be boring to master! This class will be student directed and will revolve around researching topics of interest and presenting what is learned to classmates. 

We will work as a team to decide what topic we would like to dive into. Students will then research the chosen topic and decide how they would like to present their findings to the class. Students can write papers, design digital presentations, even create art projects to show their knowledge of the subject. 

The joy of collaborating as a class is; we never know what the topic will be.  Maybe we will dive into video games or current movies. Maybe we look into holidays and traditions around the world. Maybe we explore our favorite foods and the effects on our bodies. 

I’m excited to see where this class goes and the fun we will have along the way.

What?! - Idea Investigators

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