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Food Challenge: Are You Ready to Rumble???

Grade levels: 6th - 12th

Hour: 5th

Teacher: Stacey Hamlin

Teacher Contact Info:

Google Classroom Used: For parent communication

Approximate Weekly Homework: 1-4

High School credit:  Optional full

Monthly Cost: $34

One Time Supply Fee: $25

Supply Fee Covers: Food & Copies

Prerequisites: None

Materials Required: apron, pen, clipboard, legal pad, or some other top bound writing paper, folding or camp chair (labeled with your name on it)

Class Description:

This class is based on a 4-H Food Challenge Class which I taught for years. Nutrition is a very controversial topics these days. While we won't be focusing on the "best" diet, we will be working with the nutrition some of our favorite foods provide.


In this class we will have one Food Theme per week. We will be cooking some very basic elements, eggs, breads, broths, each week and we will be exploring the nutritional elements of each. We will also be learning about and practicing food safety.


Plus, we'll get to eat (or take home) our snacks.


Each week there will be a small packet of information on what we did, what we will do next week, and "homework" for your student to explore. These packets are to help keep everyone moving forward. However, while recommended, they are not required.

Food Challenge: Are You Ready to Rumble???

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