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Exploring Real Life with Minecraft

Grade levels:  3rd - 8th

Hour: 3rd 

Teacher:  Becca Lutjen

Teacher Contact Info: 

Google Classroom Used:  Yes

Approximate Weekly Homework: 0-2

High School Credit: no

Monthly Cost:  $25 

One Time Supply Fee: $15/semester 

Supply Fee Covers: Worksheets, copies, and supplies for classroom work. 

Prerequisites:  A basic understanding of Minecraft (how to play/build in Minecraft will not be taught) 

Materials Required:  Paper and writing utensil to take notes, write down ideas, etc. during class. 

Class Description:  

In this class, we will explore the connection between the real world and the virtual world of Minecraft. Through a combination of classroom activities and discussion, as well as individual projects, we will learn to utilize what you already know about Minecraft to tie it into the real world. We will cover various topics and subjects such as online safety, current events, holidays, geography, science, math, language arts, and so much more! You will learn to see Minecraft's potential as a tool for creative expression, education, and social interaction. 

Exploring Real Life with Minecraft

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