ExperiMental Science (3rd - 6th)

Experimental Science

Age Appropriate for: 3rd - 6th

Hour: 1st

Teacher: Megan Miller

Cost: $26

One time fee: $20 for lab supplies

Prerequisites: None

Homework: 1-2 hours occasionally


Student Supplied Materials: Spiral bound sketchpad, writing utensil, colored pencils and/or fine point markers, pair of scissors, basic safety glasses



Students will make and test projectiles, grow plants, launch rockets, learn to do basic chemistry experiments, search for bacteria, dissect worms, and many other projects as we survey biology, chemistry, physics, and geology. Because “the difference between science and goofing around is that in science we write things down.” students will be asked to draw or write their predictions, observations, and discoveries in a spiral bound sketchbook.  Please note:  We will be using real science tools, chemicals, etc.  Because of this, students must be willing and able to follow safety instructions. 

ExperiMental Science (3rd - 6th)