Cultures & Geography

Geography & Cultures

Age Appropriate for: 6th - 8th

Hour: 2nd

Teacher: Toni Allison

Cost: $27

One time fee: $15 for food and craft supplies


Homework: 0-4 hours/wk


Student Supplied Materials: Around the World in 180 Days, student workbook 2nd edition by: Sherrie Payne (Apologia), 3 ring binder, notebook, pencils


Description: Students will take a grand tour, one continent at a time around the world! We will learn about the different geography, cultures and foods that go along with each place we visit. We will even have the opportunity to learn to cook and taste dishes from many different cultures. Students will be participating in class discussions, workbook assignments, class projects and cultural cooking lessons throughout the year. Using a  variety of resources, we will dive into the geography, history, religion, current events, and culture of all seven continents. Students will be using an atlas, encyclopedia and textbooks to find geographical elements, define new terms, describe the geography of a certain area, and more.

Cultures & Geography