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Cozy Crochet

Grade levels:  6th - 12th

Hour: 1st 

Teacher:  Tonya Smith 

Teacher Contact Info: 

Google Classroom Used:  Yes

Approximate Weekly Homework: 0-2

High School Credit:  Optional Half

Monthly Cost:  $30 

One Time Supply Fee: $15 

Supply Fee Covers: Patterns and copies 

Prerequisites:  none 

Materials Required:  Crochet hooks and yarn. Exact specifications will be provided before beginning our project.  

Class Description:  

In this class, you will learn all about crochet! 

You'll learn all about different yarns, crochet hooks, and basic notions. 

We will be making things fun things for you, gifts to give, and service projects for our community. 

If you are seeking high school credit, 1/2 credit will be provided and one hour of homework a week will be required. 

Cozy Crochet

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