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Children's Choir


Grade levels:  1st - 5th

Hour: 4th 

Teacher:  Melissa Blocker 

Teacher Contact Info: or 720-412-0428 

Google Classroom Used:  No

Approximate Weekly Homework: 0-2

Monthly Cost:  $30 

One Time Supply Fee: $10 

Supply Fee Covers: Supplies, such as sheet music and learning supplies for music theory materials. 

Prerequisites:  None, just an interest in singing. 

Materials Required:  None 

Class Description:  

We will be singing as a choir while working on simple music theory and very simple piano. We will also learn how to read sheet music and work on breathing for singing and vocal techniques. A performance or two will be planned, with education on how to best to present ourselves in performing. If desired, some solos will be planned and performed. Come have fun singing with us! 

Children's Choir

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