Chemistry with Lab (High School)

Chemistry with Lab - For Credit Course

Age Appropriate for: 9th - 12th

Hour: 2nd

Teacher: Sherri Robbins

Cost: $31

One time fee: $40 for lab supplies

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Biology or comparable course, Algebra 1, grade level reading and writing abilities

Homework: 4-5 hours/wk


Student Supplied Materials: Textbook:  Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3rd edition, Plourde & Hughes, Calculator, notebook, paper, pencil or pen, and safety glasses.


Description: Give your student a firm understanding of the basics of Chemistry with Apologia’s Exploring Creations with Chemistry, 3rd edition.  The sixteen modules in this course will cover measurement & units, atoms & molecules, atomic structure, molecular structure, polyatomic ions and molecular geometry, stoichiometry, acid-base chemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, chemical equilibrium, and more.Students will be completing a variety of labs while in class.  Experiments include measuring specific heat, measuring the width of a molecule, using the ideal gas equation, recognizing the effects of catalysts, and more. 

Modules will be completed at an average rate of 2 weeks per module.  Students will be graded on a combination of in class work and homework.  Teacher will grade homework submitted and grades will be posted via the school online gradebook. 

Note:  Please provide your student with a basic Algebra calculator that they know how to use.  The math/logic requirement need to be considered, as this curriculum assumes the student understands proportions, solving for x, ratios, and using mathematical formulas.

Chemistry with Lab (High School)

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