The CAT/Terra Nova Inview Test is designed to assess students in grades 2-12. It is available in paper and pencil format only and contains five different twenty-item sections: sequences, analogies, quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning-words, and verbal reasoning-context.

After your student takes the TerraNova InView test, you will receive a score report with her NPA (national percentile by age) and NPG (national percentile by grade), both overall and for each individual section. Percentiles range from 1-99 and represent your child’s performance compared to a national sample of children in the same grade and of the same age. For example, if your child scores in the 90th percentile, she scored as well or higher than 90% of children in her age and/or grade group.

You will also receive a CSI (Cognitive Skills Index) that provides a measurement of your child’s overall academic aptitude, based on the cognitive skills assessed with this test. The CSI has a ceiling of 141. Typically, a child is considered “gifted” if he/she scores a 132 or higher.

CAT 6 TerraNova Inview Test

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