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Animal Science

Grade levels:  K - 3rd

Hour: 3rd 

Teacher:  Mackenzie Daniels

Teacher Contact Info: 

Google Classroom Used: No

Approximate Weekly Homework: 0

Monthly Cost: $29  

One Time Supply Fee: $25/semester 

Supply Fee Covers: Prerequisites:  

Materials Required: The teacher is providing most of the basic and higher priced class supply items, however the teacher may email a couple of lists of needed items throughout the year to be divided among the students in the class  

Class Description:  

Teacher will provide basic and higher price supply items for the class however the teacher may email a list of needed items to be split among the students of the class when items run out or are needed for a certain project 

In this class we'll be studying animal science by exploring the animal world through science, arts/crafts and fun detailed projects that are filled with animal facts. Each week we'll discover a new animal, reptile or bug by learning about their habitats, special abilities, what they eat, fun/interesting facts and much much more. 

Animal Science

SKU: Sci101
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