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Single Student - American Sign Language Building skills


Grade levels: 6th - Adult  

Class Time: 11:30am - 12:15pm on Mondays or Tuesdays

Teacher:  Heather Black 

Teacher Contact Info: 

Google Classroom Used:  Yes

Approximate Weekly Homework: 1-2

High School Credit: not granted by the teacher but may be issued by the parents if practice and study time warrants. 

Monthly Cost: $114

Prerequisites: No experience is needed and no extra class materials are required. The only thing required is a good "CAN DO" attitude, and must be willing to expect feedback for growth.

Class Description:  

American Sign Language! Have you ever wanted to learn and grow in your conversational skills using ASL? Please consider joining 1 of my 2 tutoring sessions online.   There is an 8 person limit for each session so sign up quick.

Single Student - American Sign Language Building skills

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