Algebra 1

Class is appropriate for grades:   8th – 12th grades


Time:  Friday, 8:30am-9:25am

Teacher:  Cristal Sims 

Virtual Location:   TBD

Prerequisites:  C or better in Pre-Algebra

Class Description:

Students will learn topics such as signed numbers, exponents, roots, absolute value, equations and inequalities, scientific notation, unit conversions, polynomials, graphs, factoring, and variations.  Geometry topics will be integrated in.  Online class will cover 3-4 lessons each week.Tests will be taken every other week, proctored by parent and graded by teacher.

Homework will be graded for completion and students will be expected to check their answers and rework any missed problems.

Syllabus and grades will be posted via the school online gradebook, student, and parent, will need to access this regularly.

Note:  It is recommended that students go over lessons not covered in class.  We should be able to cover 75% of the textbook during classes.

** 9th – 12th grade students may receive full credit upon completion of course **

Materials to be supplied by the student:

Textbook Saxon Algebra I, 3rd edition,

Test forms

Solution manual

One-time fee for this class (in addition to monthly class fee):   N/A

The one-time fee is for:   N/A

Approximate hours of homework per week:  4-6 hours, depending on student

Algebra 1

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