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Welcome to our school!

The unique thing about our private school is that YOU get to pick the curriculum plan that fits your student.  This can also be the most daunting.

If you don't know where to start, you're in the right place.  Face has supported families that want to create custom educational programs for their children's unique personalities since 1996.   We're here to help.  You aren't alone in this.


We gathered some of our most asked questions on this page for you.  

HOW do I get started?


The most important advice we can give you as you start is this:

DO NOT RUN OFF RIGHT THIS MINUTE AND BUY A VERY EXPENSIVE COMPLETE KIT FOR YOUR STUDENTS OR SIGN UP FOR A YEAR LONG COMMITMENT TO AN ONLINE ACADEMY.  Those companies employ very convincing salesmen that want your money and don’t care if the product will work for you.  They might be selling what works for you, but they might not. Spare yourself some trouble and hair-pulling with the following steps:


  1. Ask yourself how YOU work.  Are you very rigid or go with the flow?  Do you need a set schedule or do you like to follow the rabbit trail?  Does the idea of a rigid schedule break you into hives or do you need something that is laid out in full?  How much work can you handle in this?  What is your end goal? 

  2. Do the same for each of your children.  Some families get all kids with the same wiring but that’s pretty rare.  What is more likely is your kids will be all over the place in strengths, weaknesses, and interests.  One might hate workbooks while another loves them best of all. Consider how your kids work as individuals!  Talk to them.  What are their goals?  (Do they have them?) Maybe they’re short term, “I want to learn how to draw turtles” or maybe they’re long-range “I want to go to CU and be a biomedical researcher.”  Whatever they are, it gives you a starting line. 

  3. After you have considered what makes everyone involved tick, and what everyone’s goals are,  involve your kids in the curriculum hunt.   Look at samples together.  Would they want to do this?  Do you want to teach this?  Does it fit your goals, your lifestyle, and your budget?

Are there any books that can help me figure this out?

There are tons!  Here are two suggestions:

  1. Blueprint Homeschooling: How to Plan a Year of Home Education That Fits the Reality of Your Life by Amy Knepper, Karen Conlin 

  2. 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum or How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum both by Cathy Duffy.

Where do I find curriculum to teach my kids?

There are tons of places to find curriculum from large distributors that stock a wide variety of companies to individual subject specific publishers.  Some websites are even free!  Here are a few ideas to start you on your search

Large Distributors of multiple publishers

Rainbow Resource - Large company that sells a huge variety of products

Christian Book - Large company that sells both secular and parochial curriculum

Mardel - Large distributor of books

Home Science Tools - Science specific distributor of curriculum and supplies.

Free Curriculum Sources

Kahn Academy - Free tutoring and 

Ambleside online - Charlotte Mason Approach free plan

Easy Peasy - Complete online curriculum

Your local library! Believe it or not many local libraries stock curriculum and books that are very useful. 

Popular Publishers

Everyone has their favorite publishers.  We can't list them all, but here are a few:


Bookshark / Sonlight


AlphaOmega (Lifepac, Monarch, Horizons)


Master Books


My Father's World

The Good and Beautiful


Need more help?  We're always here for our families.  Send us a message to set up a time to chat.

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