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We run various fundraisers through the school year.  We have two of these which are very easy to use, RaiseRight/Scrip and King Soopers, which run continuously.  I highly recommend learning about these programs so you can start earning.


Funds raised through fundraisers go directly to your family’s voucher account.  By program rules these may only be used to pay for things directly at the school (enrollment fees, senior fees, class fees, bake and brew fees, and field trip fees.) 


** AT NO TIME are funds paid directly to the individual or family or may they be used to purchase curriculum.  They remain on account with FACE. Funds are used by FACE as a credit to be applied to fees at the school’s discretion.** 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Toni at I am always happy to help! I also will be having a meeting once FACE begins in the fall.


King Soopers

King Soopers Rewards Program  

  1. In order to earn rebates from King Soopers, you must first create an account on  

  2. Click on “Enroll Now”  If you already have an account sign in with your email address and password. 

  3. If you don’t already have an account, click on Create an account at the bottom. 

  4. If you created an account, continue to login with the email address and password.

  5. Next you will see a space to “Find an Organization”.  

  6. In this box, enter code BV646 and click search  

  7. Once the code is entered, the system should show “Family Academy of Christian Education (FACE)”  

  8. Click on the “Enroll” button  You should get a screen that says you have successfully enrolled in our organization.  

  9. That’s all there is to registering your account to earn rebates. 

  10.  Each time you shop at King Soopers and you swipe your loyalty card or enter your phone number, you will earn rebates towards your FACE account.  

  11. FACE receives rebates with each purchase, which can be applied to family fees (including classes, field trips, tuition, etc.) at the school’s discretion, for FACE sponsored activities. (FACE calls this a voucher).  

  12. Rebates for school accounts are paid out quarterly – January thru March is paid in April, April thru June is paid in July, July thru September is paid in October and October thru December is paid in January.   

  13. You MUST send a screenshot of your earnings every quarter to to get them applied to your voucher account. A reminder of this goes in the info to know each time it comes up.

  14. Friends or family can also sign up for this benefit on your behalf.  You just need to get a screenshot of their account as well each quarter.


Raise Right/Shop with Scrip

Raise Right/Shop With Scrip

What is Scrip Fundraising? Basically, it’s fundraising while you shop!! As a member, you purchase gift cards for America’s most popular retailers (where you are already spending money), and use them for everyday purchases. FACE receives rebates with each gift card purchase, which can be applied to family fees (including classes, field trips, tuition, etc.) at the school’s discretion, for FACE sponsored activities. (FACE calls this a voucher). 

  1. Raise Right/Scrip E-Gift cards are useable immediately

  2. To get started

  3. Download the Raise Right app

  4. click on “Get Started” in the top right corner.

  5. Click on “Join Your Existing Program” 

  6. Enter the enrollment code “D211L1AF3L384” 

  7. Choose your own username and password. 

  8. Enter the rest of your account information. 

  9. Click register at the bottom of the page. 


Paying for gift cards:

  • Bank account: 0.15 per transaction

  • Credit card transactions cost 2.6% of the total

  • Pay coordinator directly: we generally only do this for our yearly physical card order near the holidays.


 Different types of gift cards

  • There are 2 different types of gift cards that you can order. 

  • Physical gift cards: These are just like the gift cards you would purchase directly from a retailer. 

    • We only order physical cards once or twice per year, because of the shipping costs. 

    • The shipping is $8.50 per order, regardless of whether we order 1 card or 1,000 cards. This shipping cost is then divided between the families that placed an order.  

    • We try to place this type of order in October/November so that you can give gift cards as Christmas presents. 

  • eGift cards: These are gift cards that are purchased now and you have immediate access to them. 



Using the App to buy a gift card

  1. Shop – This is where all of the retailers are listed that you can purchase a gift card from and it also displays the rebate percentage. 

    1. Click on any retailer to order a gift card. 

    2. You will get the options of what type of card you would like to purchase (Remember, $8.50 shipping on physical cards…)

    3. Click on the type of gift card you would like. 

    4. Enter the amount you would like to purchase and click add to cart. 

    5. A box will appear with 2 different options. i. Click on “Continue Shopping” if you need to purchase more gift cards and follow the above steps again. 

    6. Click on “Proceed to Cart” if you are finished shopping. 

    7. Once you “Proceed to Cart,” you will choose your type of payment (either Bank account or Credit card).

  2. Other App Features 

    1. Click on bonuses to see which retailers are currently offering additional bonuses.

    2. Favorites: 

      1. This is the area where you can save your most used retailers. 

      2. Under the shop button, you can click on the retailer and then click the heart in the top right corner of the retailer to add it to your favorites tab. 

      3. This is a quick easy way to find the retailers you purchase the most.

    3.  My Wallet: 

      1. This is where all of your gift cards are stored. It shows the balance and the date the card was ordered. 

      2. Click on the card you want when you are ready to use it. Most cards have a barcode that can be scanned at checkout. 

      3. If it doesn’t have a barcode, the cashier just needs to type in the numbers. 

      4. Tracking your balance 

        1. Once you have used a portion or all of the amount on the card, some retailer have an automatic “update balance”

        2. If it does not automatically update, you will need to manually type in the amount that is left on your card by choosing “track balance”

        3. Raise Right is working at making all of the retailers have an auto update, because it makes it so much easier, but that is still an update in progress. 

      5. Archive 

        1. If the balance on your gift card has a zero balance, you can click on Archive. This will remove the card from your wallet. 

        2. If you accidentally Hide a card that still has a balance, just click Show and it will be back into your wallet. 


** AT NO TIME are funds paid directly to the individual or family, they remain on account with FACE and are non-transferable. Funds are used by FACE as a credit to be applied to fees at the school’s discretion.** 

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