Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about testing- if we are not testing until two months from now, when should I order our tests?

You may order anytime and we will be sure to get the materials to you by the test date that you indicate. Keep in mind that all testing materials must be returned within 2 weeks of receipt for scoring and reports.

Is there a waiting list for enrollment or can anyone attend?

Enrollment is always open; year round.

I see that there is an annual enrollment fee plus individual class fees, along with Attendance requirements. Do I need to have my children enrolled in a class every month to avoid having to re-enroll them? Or could we skip a month depending on our schedule?

You may skip a month; whatever works for your schedule.

Is there any kind of contractual obligation?


I understand that certain record keeping is necessary for FACE to create a valid transcript. Do I need to use approved curriculum?

You are in charge of your children's education and may use whatever you wish.

In situations where my children would be taking more than one class, do I remain on site to supervise transition from one class to the next?

Parents stay to help with transitions and fellowship between classes. Many times, Moms will help each other out.

I would really like more information on what kinds of record keeping you require for transcripts.

We require semester report cards, to include attendance information, and, upon completion of the course, we need the final grade earned and whether the class was a half or 1 credit course. We use this information to create official transcripts which are sent to future universities or other educational programs.

I am looking into whether we want to enroll for high school transcripts. It says that standardized tests are optional through FACE. My question is if we live out of the area, would there be an alternative, like taking the tests through organizations closer to home, or since I am a credentialed teacher, can I give the tests myself to my children?

FACE has the CATs and IOWAs that you may used at home.

Is it really feasible to go through you and live out of the area, or would we have to travel a lot to you???

Good question! We are located in the North Metro Denver, Colorado area, but, we have families enrolled all over the US and some foreign countries. Although we would love to meet you, it is possible we will not.

I have a question about the possibility of taking a high school course in 8th grade. We may be taking Algebra 1 in 8th grade. Do you have a policy for counting that as a high school course, because it is a high school course even though taken in 8th grade? How do you handle that?

Students who take high school level courses in 8th grade receive high school credit.

My daughter is currently sending in college applications. Do the schools usually request transcripts from FACE directly, or expect us to initiate the request? Does it just depend on the school?

In every case we have seen, the student must initiate the request for transcripts to be sent directly to the school. We will handle that when you provide addresses.

What is your national school code to be used when taking college entrance tests and for FAFSA and college applications?

It is 061447.

Can I utilize your standardized tests even if my child is not enrolled in monthly classes?

Yes, we provide testing services for students grades K-12, all over the nation and overseas.

What does FACE stand for?

It’s an acronym for Family Academy of Christian Education.

Does FACE have a statement of faith?

Yes. You can find it under "About Us".

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